Hearthstone Box
Automatic deck tracking:
Cards left in your deck.
Cards in graveyard (you and your opponent).
Hand card count (you and your opponent).
Timer for the current turn and total time spent (you and your opponent).
Get notified when a game or a turn starts.
Deck management:(English Version Coming Soon)
Fast deck imports and exports, decks can be filtered by mode, class, custom tag and sorted by win rate, heat and require arcane dust.
Smart deck recommendation: available decks according to your money and arcane dust.
Resolve and edit decks from websites: hearthpwn, hearthstonetopdecks, tempostorm, disguisedtoast, hearthstoneplayers.
Game Stats:(English Version Coming Soon)
Track the result of each game (win/loss), opponents, game mode and more.
Win/loss rate vs each class.
Details for each game.
Battle Platform:(English Version Coming Soon)
Online PVP platform, automatic matches progress management, rich bonus.


2020.05.28 ( Version: )